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About Us

Welcome to Sagebrush Crafts!

Hello and a very warm welcome to Sagebrush Crafts - the creative blog that provides life changing tips and tricks regarding (skin) health and beauty! We are so excited about you visiting our website!

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The Beginning

Sagebrush Crafts is a beauty and health blog started in 2016 by Natalia Ponikarov, when she was still a medical student. She developed a love for beauty and skincare having been heavily involved in dermatology studies at university.

In November 2015 Natalia conducted a study regarding the negative side effects caused by the consumption of unfiltered tap water on the appearance and physical condition of the human skin. The results of the study encouraged Natalia to start her own website to raise awareness for the importance of residential (drinking) water filtration.

The Next Step

What started out as a personal blog quickly developed into a small side business. Today, there are 3 people actively contributing to Sagebrush Crafts by regularly adding new blog posts, covering topics ranging from water based moisturizers to the effects water consumption has on our skin, replying to visitor enquiries and maintaining the website from a technical standpoint.